3 Ingredients ,Chocolate ,Cake, In, Pan , Eggless , Without ,Oven,butter,sugar,beater,baking powder,

If you have been looking for a fluffy, moist and delicious  cake, here it is…The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe! It’s the recipe that many of you requested by emailing, commenting, and messaging me for some time. As 1 promised, here is the recipe that I think is the very best Chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted!
3 Ingredients ,Chocolate ,Cake, In, Pan , Eggless , Without ,Oven,butter,sugar,beater,baking powder,

This Cake Recipe required only 3 ingredients.No Baking Powder ,No Beater ,No Oven required to make this Moist Delicious Cake .

3 Ingredients ,Chocolate ,Cake, In, Pan , Eggless , Without ,Oven,butter,sugar,beater,baking powder,

 Master the chocolate Cake with an airy, light sponge and rich yummy   Cake. It's simple enough for an afternoon tea but special enough for   a  party or like a easy christmas Cake.

3 Ingredients ,Chocolate ,Cake, In, Pan , Eggless , Without ,Oven,butter,sugar,beater,baking powder,

1.chocolate Biscuit :-32 pieces
2.Milk-1 Cup
3.ENO-1 Packet


  • Take a large grinder or mixer  and add the 32 biscuit pieces one by one .Here i used the oreo biscuits and no need to separate the cream from it.Grind the biscuit into powder.
  • Add the measured 1 cup milk into this grinded biscuit.
  • Add 1 packet ENO  completely and grind for min 5 minute.
  • Grease a non-stick pan  with butter or place a butter paper inside.Pour the grinded cake batter into this pan and tap the pan for 3 times .
  • Close the cookware lid with a tissue paper or with a news paper look like in the first  picture.
  • Place the non-stick cookware on fire and cook about min 30 minutes or upto 50 min.
  • Don't forget check every 20 minutes with a tooth pick or knife.
  • Once its done cooking  allow to cool in a room temperature and then cut into pieces.
  • You can garnish with whatever you want and or you can have them in this way.
  • Thank you for reading this recipe.Check the video below for the detailed recipe.
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