Avil milk mostly famous in malabar areas .its a healthy drink.we can make this dish very fast .The major difference of the dish from the other drinks is that its not processing using a blender.its a handmade product.really very tasty and healthy food item.we can make as a welcome drink or can make this as a side  sweet dish of a heavy food .
                               Avil milk having  a simple recipe  and it have only few ingredients.Everything we use at our home daily.The main ingredient of the dish is banana .in may opinion robusta is the adapted banana for making this dish.its special smell or taste make the dish more yummy and  tasty  .the mixing of banana,sugar,milk,avil is the process of making  avil milk.


  1. Cold Milk
  2. Sugar
  3. Banana(in ma opinion robusta is the best)
  4. peanuts
  5. Avil/ Rice flakes

Steps of making 

  • Take  bananas and peel them then put into the bowl and  mash the bananas with a  spoon.Do not blend the banana in the mixer.it change the perfect taste or consistency of the banana .
  • Then next step is to  add sugar into the banana paste and mix them well.
  • Then add the cold milk ino the mixture and again mix well.
  • Then add avil into this then again mix the all contents very well.
  • Take a glass and pour this into the glass and Garnish with peanuts on the top and serve .

Watch video here

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