1. Tomato
  2. Small onions
  3. Tamarind
  4. Green chilly
  5. Ginger
  6. Water
  7. Chilly powder
  8. Turmeric powder
  9. Curry leaves
  10. Fenugreek
  11. Garlic
  12. Salt

Steps of making

  • Take a bowl and put some tamarind and water together for making tamarind pulp.
  • Then take a pan and add the cutted tomato,small onions,ginger,garlic,green chilly and curry leaves .
  • Then add the tamarind pulp into this and add chilly powder,turmeric powder, and salt  then mix well.
  • Add required water into this mixture.and boil this for 10 minutes .
  • Then add the fish into this curry gravy and boil for another 10 minutes.
  • Take an another pan and add some oil then put the cutted small onions and fenugreek and add curry leaves .
  • Then put this into the curry .
  • Take a pan and this serve into it.

                               Coconut chutney is  a mild spicy dish .The main ingredient of the dish is coconut .Its a south indian side dish mainly serve with dosha .its common dish in malabar other way  its a coconut stew with some spices .The ingredients of making this dish varies b regions .but the main ingredient remains the coconut in every place.
                                                    The  method of making the dish is very simple.blending the coconut,water,salt,tomato green chilly and small onions in a blender is the first is the process of adding the mustard and red chillies fried into the makes the curry more tasty .the process in some area called is adding the dish into the chutney gravy and decorate well.


  1. Grated coconut
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Tomato
  5. Red chilly
  6. Oil
  7. Green chilly
  8. Small onions
  9. Mustard
  10. Curry leaves

Steps of making

  • Take a blender and add grated coconut,water,salt,tomato  ,green chilly,small onions and process well.
  • Then hot a pan and put some oil and put mustardand red chilly .stirr well.
  • Put this mustard chilly oil into the processed coconut mixture .and stirr well.
  • Take a bowl and spread out this mixture and decorate with curry leaves.

  • Add  the quantity  of water to make the chutney  needed thicker or diluted.

sambar its unique  in name.its the  food  item one  keralian cant live without.its can serve with every type food items like rice ,breakfast items chapathi ,puttu etc.and also its an easy recipe to make fast.its in  the list of  top favourite vegetable  curries.its the combination of every vegetables.we can add different vegetables depending the taste of the person who make this.


             Ladies finger

             White gourd
 4.Green chilly
 6.Red chilly
 7.Chilly powder
 8.Turmeric powder
11.Curry leaves
12.Sambar powder

Steps of making

  • At first cut the vegetables in required size and shape .
  • Then take bowl and put the tamarind in water for tamarind pulp.
  • Take a cooker and add the  all vegetables and add some salt ,water,turmeric powder,chilly powder,coriander powder and lentil/dal then close the cooker and cook in low flame for one whistle.
  • open the cap of cooker and add some sambar powder , tamarind pulp and cook in low flame .
  • Then hot a pan add some oil and add some mustard ,fenugreek,red chilly and stirr them and put this into the sambar .this process is called 'thoomikkal'.
  • Take a bowl and decorate  with curryleaves and serve.


  1. rice
  2. black gram
  3. salt
  4. water
  5. boiled rice(

Steps of making

  • put rice and black gram together in water for 1 hour .
  • then grind the rice,black gram and boiled rice(if required) with required  water .
  • then add some salt into this batter.
  • take an idali thattu and pour the batter on it.and fill all the thattu like this.
  • close the idali thattu and cook it in high flame for 10 minutes.


Add yeast in the batter .it makes the idali more softer and fluffy.


Ingredients for "puttu"

  1. Ragi flour
  2. Salt
  3. Fennel
  4. Water
  5. Cardamom
  6. Grated coconut 

Steps of making

  • Take a bowl and  put some ragiflour,salt, fennel,cardamom.then sprinkle water on it little by little  thus it wet the mix and  mix well.       
  • Take a puttu kudam then put the mixture in the order coconut then ragimix then coconut .then put it on the kudam  and take it out when steams comes out.
  • Serve it into a plate.


  • Take some cornflour and add some water in it and put this into the makes the kadala  gravy thick.

oats puttu ,recipe,simple,breakfast
 Puttu  is our keralians traditional breakfast.But everyone like this is a puttu made by using oats.its healthy and tasty too.
                 The main ingredient of this recipe is oats like the name indicates.Its a simple one to make and everyone will like this.The speciality is that its making in our coconut shell and its of the shape.


  1. Oats 
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Grated coconut
  5. Fennel
  6. Coconut shell.

Steps of making

  • Take a pan and add the oats.then stirr well until its become little fried.
  • Then take  a bowl and this fried oats and add a pinch of salt and add some  fennel for smell.
  • Add water by sprinkle it on oasts mixture by little little.then mix well.
  • Take a chiratta and make three holes under the chiratta.
  • Then add some grated coconut  first into the chiratta then add the some oats mix then again add the grated coconut little.then close it by any plate.
  • place this chiratta  puttu on a kudam  and leave it until steam passes .
  • Push the chiratta puttu into a serving plate .

     No         English              Malayalam
     1              black gram                 uzhunnu parippu
     2               bengal gram                 kadala parippu
     3              green gram                 cheru parippu
     4               ground nuts                  nilakadala  
     5               peanuts                 kappalandi
     6            pigeon peas/red gram                 thuvara parippu
     7              green peas                  pattani
     8              lima beans                  amara payar
     9              brown peas                  van payar
    10              field bean                   avara
    11              cow pea                   payar
    12          kidney beans                   rajma

 No             English             Malayalam
      1              tomato                      thakkali
      2              onion                        sabola
      3               carrot                        carrot
      4               brinjal                     vazhuthananga
      5              cabbage                       cabbage
      6               potato                    urulan kizhangu
      7               cauli flower                     cauli flower
      8              lady finger/okra                       vendakka
      9               capsicum                       capsicum
     10               arrow root                       koova  
     11               yuca/tapioca                      kappa
     12               bottle gourd                       charakka
     13               beetroot                        beetroot
     14              pumpkin                       mathanga
     15              cucumber                        cucumber
     16              chena                        yum
     17               chinese potato                      koorka
     18               spinaach                       cheera
     19               peechinga                   ridge gourd
     20               garlic                       veluthulli
     21               celeri                     ayamothagam
     22           small onions /shallots                     chuvanulli
     23               snake gourd                       padavalanga
     24                coconut                       thenga
     25                bitter gourd                      kaipakka
     26                white gourd                      kumbalanga
     27                corn/maize                      cholam
     28                mushroom                       koon
     29                 ginger                      inchi
     30                radish                    mullanki kizhangu
     31                 peas                     pattani payar
     32                 spring onion                      spring onion
     33               parwal                       govakka
     34                chilly                        mulaku
















                  red chilly

                        mulaku podi



                       manjal podi

















               green chilly





              bay leaf

                      karuvapatta ila


              coriander powder




                      sarva sugandhi



                     perum jeerakam                    


  1. Hot water(for rice flour)
  2. Normal water(for maida)
  3. Eggs-2
  4. Rice flour-2 glass
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Maida-3/4 glass

Steps of making

  • Take a blender and add the required amount of eggs ,rice flour,salt and hot water,and process well.process well till the consistency of the batter obtained.move this into a bowl.
  • Take an another  bowl and add some maida and put some normal water and beat well.
  • The add the maida mix into the riceflour mix well beat well.
  • Take a clay pan and heat in a medium flame well. dont give a chance to  crack the be careful when it  taking and putting in flame.
  • Then take a large spoon of batter and spread this into the clay  pan in round shape like in the picture .dont  pour too much amount of batter .
  • After this close the clay pan with a cap for few minutes .after some time when we check we can see holes are starting to form on the might take few times to make the perfect wait till its become fully perfect.
  • Your ottappam is ready now .serve it along with coconut milk.

Watch video here

Its a simple and tasty dish to make for  any functions or simply at home.the rice is called ghee rice or neychoru.mainly the spices in this dish makes it tasty .its can accompany with every curries .the roasted cashewnut , raisins ,onions and coriander leaves gives the dish beautiful.


  1. Basmati rice 
  2. Ghee
  3. Sliced onion
  4. Carrot
  5. Cashew nut
  6. Raisins
  7. Cardamom
  8. Cloves
  9. Cinnamon
  10. Water
  11. Garam masala
  12. Cumin
  13. Coriander leaves

Steps of making

  • Wash and soak the basmati rice well
  • Take a pan and heat then put some ghee into this and roast cashew nut and raisins.
  • Take a vessel and  heat well.put some ghee into this.
  • Then add sliced onions into this .then stirr well till  it become  caramalized.
  • Then add the carrot,cardamom,cloves,garam masala,salt,cinnamon,cumin into the vessel and add  add the drained rice and add the water( water and rice in the ratio1:2).
  • Then bring this content to boil in low flame .cook till the water drained and the rice become soft.
  • Take it out into a serving plate and decorate with roasted cashew nut and raisins.

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