1. Hot water(for rice flour)
  2. Normal water(for maida)
  3. Eggs-2
  4. Rice flour-2 glass
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Maida-3/4 glass

Steps of making

  • Take a blender and add the required amount of eggs ,rice flour,salt and hot water,and process well.process well till the consistency of the batter obtained.move this into a bowl.
  • Take an another  bowl and add some maida and put some normal water and beat well.
  • The add the maida mix into the riceflour mix well beat well.
  • Take a clay pan and heat in a medium flame well. dont give a chance to  crack the be careful when it  taking and putting in flame.
  • Then take a large spoon of batter and spread this into the clay  pan in round shape like in the picture .dont  pour too much amount of batter .
  • After this close the clay pan with a cap for few minutes .after some time when we check we can see holes are starting to form on the might take few times to make the perfect wait till its become fully perfect.
  • Your ottappam is ready now .serve it along with coconut milk.

Watch video here

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