for Ada

  1. Oil-25g
  2. Rice/unakkalari-80g
  3. Water
  4. Banana leaf


  1. Milk-1 litre
  2. Sugar-250 g
  3. Water-1 glass
  4. Cashewnut
  5. Raisins

Steps of making 


  • Take a bowl and add the 80g of rice powder and 25g of oil togetherand make a dough. by  adding required amount of  water  to make the correct consistency of the dough.
  • Take a banana leaf and take little amount of dough and spread it on the leaf .use oil to spread over it .then take a toothpick and make vertical and horizontal lines on it  after some time .
  • Hot a pan and put some water and add the prepared ada into this and allow to steam in water .after 10 minutes take it out into a plate.


  • Hot a pan or uruli .Add 1 glass of water and when it reaches it boiling point  add 1 ltre of milk in to this .then mix well using a big spoon.Add 250 g of sugar into this and stir well .
  • When the milk turns into pink in colour Add the cleaned adas we prepared   into this slowly and  stir continuesly for 10 minutes.
  • Garnish with cashewnut and raisins and Serve the payasam into a galss and have fun. :)

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