Oreo cake recipe

                                   This is a cool oreo cake every can prepare.No need for  an oven to make this  .Only 4 ingredients required.An easy simple refrigerate oreo cake .Check it out the steps.


  1. Oreo biscuits
  2. Whipping cream
  3. Cream cheese 
  4. Granulated Sugar

Steps of making

  • Take a zip bag  and add some oreo biscuits first then crush them . take it out the biscuits into a bowl  and keep aside .
  • Take a blender and add some oreo biscuits and belnd well and keep aside  .
  • Take a bowl and add some cream cheese and then add sugar and finally add some whipping cream and mix the ingredients together.
  • The final step is the design of cake.First add the crushed oreo bicuits into the base and put some cream mix we prepared above it .ten add the blended biscuits on the top of cream and again do the process until your cream and blended biscuits finished.
  • Refrigerate this for 1 hr and serve to guest .Hav a happy desert:)

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