Bananafry is a all time favourite  common and easy snack of all malayalees .we can prepare it within a few does not require a great cooking experience .everyone can make this.Pazhamporis are the beginners snack .coz its simple to make .

            Banana is the main ingredient of this recipe and dip the banana in a prepared dough and frying makes perfect tasty crispy bananas .Its a light sweet in taste and yellow in colour .Roll them into a paper towel for takeout the excess oil contained in it after frying .the steps are below .


  1. Banana
  2. All purpose flour  
  3. Water 
  4. Salt 
  5. Sugar
  6. Tamarind powder
  7. Egg  
  8. Oil
  9. Rice flour

steps of making

  •  Slice bananas for required size.

  •  Then mix all purpose flour tamarind    powder, salt,egg,sugar,rice flour  together with        water .
  • Then dip the banana into the preapared batter.
  •  Then fry them until they become golden brown .flip them in between.

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