Chammanthis are common .But todays speciality is that its made by my mom.thats make me mouth watered.I love my moms cooking.because whatever she make its becoming awesome.Today special is mango chammanthi.
             The main ingredient of the chammanthi is mangoes .This is mango season .so mango is available in all stores and even  at  everyones home. so  lets  try  the  mango  chammanthi recipe and have fun.

cutting mangoes into small pieces and processing the mango pieces with the chilly powder,salt,water,and small onions and  keep aside. then adding the mustard and neem leaves into a pan and putting this  blended mango mixture into this pan and mix well.garnish with coriander leaves .


  1. Cut mangoes-1 cup
  2. Chillypowder-3tsp
  3. Salt-2tsp
  4. Water-3tsp
  5. Neem leaves
  6. Mustard-2tsp
  7. Small onion -6no
  8. Corainder leaves


  • Add  small onion ,cut mangoes,chilly powder,salt into a blender and add little water for  smoothness.Then process well.
  • Take a pan and put some oil then add some mustard and neem leaves .then add this into the mango  mixture.
  • Serve this into  a bowl  and Garnish with coriander leaves .

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