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Todays recipe have a speciality coz its my favourite dish forever .I love making  and eating carrot halwa .Its a simple process .Carrot halwa is rich in sweet and yummy .Its looks more attractive by its colour .There is no addition of colours required.its alraedy orange in colour and its make it perfect in every way.
           This recipe is cooker recipe.this carrot making in  a cooker.its make this desert easy and simple one.Tha main ingredient of the halwa is carrot.Its always available in stores even at gratied  carrots and  ghee and sugar gives a fabulous and yummy sweet  desert .lets try the simple recipe .


  1. Grated carrot-1/2 kg
  2. Milk-1cup
  3. Ghee-2tsp
  4. Sugar -1small bowl
  5. Cashew nut
  6. Raisins 

Steps of making

  •  Pressure Cook  grated carrot and milk in a cooker for one whistle.then open the cooker and keep stirring.
  •  Then add  cardamom and some sugar  into thisthen keep  stirring .
  •  Stir well until the milk become fully evaporate.At the end  move into a serving bowl and add some ghee roasted cashews and raisins  into this. 

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