Rava pudding ,recipe,Homemade ,Easy, pudding


  1. Rava-4tsp
  2. Milk-1/2 litre
  3. Sugar-3tsp
  4. Cashewnut
  5. Raisins
  6. Egg-3
  7. Grated coconut-2tsp
  8. Vanilla essence-2drops
  9. Cherry


  • Hot a pan and add milk,sugar,rava and mix well.Cook till the mix becomes thick .
  • Beat 3 eggs in a bowl and add grated coconut and vanilla essence .
  • Add the egg mixture into the cooled milk mixture and mix well.
  • Make caramel syrup in a bowl .Add roasted cahews and raisins for garnishing.  
  • Pour the mixture into the caramalised bowl and cover with foil paper.
  • Take some water in a pan .Put the bowl in the water and cook about 30 minutes .
  • Allow to cool after 30 minutes .Then refrigerate for 2 hours .
  • Serve it on a plate upisde down .

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