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poori (boori) baji recipe

Poori masala is a simle breakfast item everyone can prepare.Its made up of wheat flour and its a fried food item .


  1. Wheat flour
  2. Oil
  3. Salt
  4. Water

Steps  of making

  • Take some wheat flour in a bowl and add  pinch of salt and  little amount of oil .
  • Take some water and add little by little as required.Dont add more water .it destroy the consistency of the dough.make dough like chapathis dough .Allow 30 minutes to keep freely  .
  • Take small amount of the dough and  make small balls and roll them on hard surface with some dry wheat flour and make small circle shape  pooris by using  roller.make all the dough like this .
  • Hot a pan and add some oil and fry the pooris in the hot oil by allowing them to swollen  full and flip both sides in between .After fryng take them out of pan and  use a napkin or tissue paper to dry the oil contained in it.

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