Prawn dry roast

This is a dry prawn recipe everyone can easily make at homes.It takes only few minutes to make this dish .Only few ingredients required to make this dish.The prawn is the main ingredient and no water required in this .Try the recipe and have fun
  1. Prawn
  2. Shallots
  3. Salt
  4. Ginger pste
  5. garlic paste
  6. Lemon juice 
  7. Coriande leaves
  8. Curry leaves
  9. Dry red chilly crushed
  10. Tomato
  11. turmeric powder

Steps of making

  • Take a bowl and take some prawn and add some turmeric powder and salt and mix well.
  • Take a blender and add the cooked tomato and make tomato juice and keep aside.
  • Hot a pan and put some oil then add the sliced small onions .Then add the masala prawn we made before.cover the pan and cook about 10 minutes in low flame .
  • Then add Tomato juice ,lime juice,turmeric powder ,Ginger,garlic paste ,red chilly crushed,salt.
  • Then finally add the Coriander and curry leaves and garnish well.

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