Mango pudding , Mango ,freezer pudding, recipe ,custard


  1. Mango-4
  2. Sugar-1/2 cup
  3. Milk-1/2 litre
  4. Gelatine-1 packet
  5. Hot water-1/4 cup


  • Take 1 packet of  gelatine in a bowl and add boiled hot water and fully  dissolve the gelatine .
  • Peel and slice 4 mangos and keep aside.
  • Take  a mixer and add 1/2 litre of milk and sliced mangos and  1/2 cup of sugar .Process them until smooth mango puree.
  • Move the mango milk mixture into a pudding tray .
  • Garnish with chopped mangos ,cherries and dates.
  • Refrigerate this atleast 3 hours then serve .

Watch video here 

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