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  1. Salt-1tsp
  2. Baking soda-1tsp
  3. Vanilla essence -1tbsp
  4. Vinegar-1tsp
  5. Cocoa powder-2tsp
  6. Egg-2 
  7. Sugar-250g
  8. Plain flour-280g
  9. Butter-110g
  10. Butter milk-225ml
  11. Red food colouring gel-tbsp
  12. Cream cheese

Steps of making

    • Take a bowl and some plain flour ,cocoa powder and salt into it and mix well.
    • Take an another bowl and some butter and whisk very well till its become creamy. Add  sugar into this little by little and continue whisking .Add eggs into this one at a time  and whisk all very well.Add vanilla extract into the mixture and mix well.
    • The next step is mixing up the both dried and wet mixes.Add the flour mixture into the wet mixture and whisk very well till its smooth.Add prepared butter milk into this and red food colour gel into this mixture and whisk till smooth.
    • Take a cake tin and spread some butter over it and place  a butter paper .
    • Take a small bowl and combine vinegar and bicarbonate .Then add this into the batter mix and fold into cake mix.
    • Take a cooker and spread  some butter  inside .Also melt some butter  and pour this into the cooker .
    • Pour the cake mix into the cooker directly or place the cake mix in a tin and place in the cooker .
    • Take off the whistle of the cooker and cook for about 35-40 minutes.
    • Test whether the cake is done after 35 minutes with a toothpick.if its comesout clean it means the cake is ready otherwise  bake for 5 more minutes .
    • When its baked Take it out and allow to cool in room temperature.


    • Take the cake and cut it into 3 different parts horizontally.
    • Then take the first piece and put some sugar syrup on it and then spread the cream on it and then some cherries.then middle layer syrup then cream and then  cherry.
    • Then the final layer .put syrup on it and add the pending full cream on it and spread it on top as well as sides.then make it smooth.
    • Keep the cake in freezer for 10 minutes 
    • Finally over the tops and sides of the cake with the cream cheese and decorate with the crushed cake portions in the top.

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