Kerala kumbalanga olan curry 

This is an olan recipe White gourd is the main ingredient of this recipe.Olan is one of the needful dish to complete the ona sadhya . Its a simple and tasty dish everyone can  prepare. Only few time required to make this olan recipe .Its made with white gourd ,coconut milk and its quite difference in its colour. Its being different from other onam recipes due to its white creamy colour . The coconut milk gives it the mild creamy colour. 
This recipe contains only few ingredients.You can add pumpkin and cowpeas if   required. here it use mainly two items that is white gourd and coconut the white gourd and adding the coconut milk is the steps required to make in short the recipe and make it your own by give a try.


  1. White gourd
  2. Curry leaves
  3. Coconut milk
  4. Salt
  5. Water
  6. Oil
  7. Green chilly

Steps of making

  • Slice the white gourd in small size .
  • Hot some water in a pan with  the sliced white gourd , green chillies  and pinch of salt .Then cook for about 5 minutes .
  • Add the coconut milk into this and again cook til the whole ingredients  become mixed.
  • After that Pour some oil on it and put some curry leaves into it.

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