Orange ,cake , orange glaze ,recipe
              This is a simple and tasty orange cake  recipe with orange glaze on top.The  orange glaze gives an attractive look to the cake .Only few simple steps to  make this beautiful tasty cake .Its a very yummy tasty soft orange cake  with few ingredients.


  1. Egg-3
  2. All purpose flour(Maida)-1 1/2 cup
  3. Powdered sugar-1 1/2 cup
  4. Fresh orange juice -1/2 cup
  5. Vanilla essence -1/2 tsp
  6. Baking powder-1 tsp
  7. Salt-1 pinch
  8. Milk-1 small cup
  9. Oil-1/2 small cup 
  10. Orange -1 skin and seed squeezes
  11. Cream cheese

For the orange glaze 
  • Orange juice -1/2  cup
  • orange food colour -2 drop
  • Sugar -1/2 cup

Steps of making 

  • Take a bowl and add eggs .Beat them with a beater and add powdered sugar  into this and again mix well.
  • Add salt and baking powder  into the egg  mixture and beat highly using a beater or spatula .
  • Add orange zest into this and mix well.then add maida into this and again whisk  well.Add one small cup of milk,vanilla essence  into this and whisk well.
  • Add oil or butter into this mixture and again beat well.then add half cup of orange juice into this and again whisk  .
  • Finally add the orange pieces into this mixture and mix well using a spatula.
  • Pour this mixture into a bake tin and bake in preheated 180deg about  40 min.

Steps of making Orange glaze

  • Hot a pan and add half cup of fresh orange juice.
  • Then add  1 cup of sugar and add 2 drops of orange food colour  and mix wel.
  • Cook this in a low flame and sir continuesly and when its done allow to cool fro some minutes.


  • Cut the cake into two equal halves called layers .
  • Spread the cream cheese in between the layers and along the sides.
  • spread the prepared orange glaze on the top of the cake by a spoon and  arrange with orange dry fruit .

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