Blackforest is a layered cake with whipped cream and cherries  and chocolate shavings in between the layers.  its a non alcoholic desert.but some pepole not  aware about this .The cherry sugary water is the reason for the sweetness that tating  while having this. this is an eggless blackforest cake and its easy to make at home .Its not a risky recipe .simple to make at home even with or without having an oven .        


  1. maida
  2. milkmaid
  3. butter
  4. coco powder
  5. powdered sugar
  6. baking powder
  7. baking soda
  8. vanilla essence 
  9. warm water
  10. fresh cream
  11. cherry
  12. sugar syrup
  13. choco bar

                steps of  making 

                • Take a bowl and add butter and beat it.and add sugar and milkmaid  into this and beat well until it become creamy. 
                • Add maida ,coco powder,baking powder ,baking soda ,vanilla essence,milk and  mix well.then add some warm water  and beat the cake batter is ready.
                • Add this batter into cake tin.and put some oil and spread out.and put a baking paper.and put the cake batter into this tin.bake for 25-30 minute.
                • After cake is baked  take it out and let it cool for 10 minutes.
                • Then take a bowl and add chilled cream,powdered sugar and beat well.then keep it for  20 minutes.
                • Take out syrup from cherry tins and add sugar to it and heat until the sugar melt in it.
                • Take a chocolate bar and peel it with a peeler and keep it in refrigerator for 10 mins.


                • Take the cake and cut it into 3 different parts horizontally.
                • Then take the first piece and put some sugar syrup on it and then spread the cream on it and then some cherries.then middle layer syrup cream and cherry.
                • Then the final layer .put syrup on it and add the pending full cream on it and spread it on top as well as sides.then make it smooth.
                • Keep the cake in freezer for 10 minutes and then add the remaining cream in piping bag fitted with a star nozzle.pipe with circular motion and make rosettes.
                • Sprinkle chocolate shavings all over the sides and top.
                • Place a cherry on every rosettes.and your blackforest is ready.

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