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 Puttu  is our keralians traditional breakfast.But everyone like changes.so this is a puttu made by using oats.its healthy and tasty too.
                 The main ingredient of this recipe is oats like the name indicates.Its a simple one to make and everyone will like this.The speciality is that its making in our coconut shell and its of the shape.


  1. Oats 
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Grated coconut
  5. Fennel
  6. Coconut shell.

Steps of making

  • Take a pan and add the oats.then stirr well until its become little fried.
  • Then take  a bowl and this fried oats and add a pinch of salt and add some  fennel for smell.
  • Add water by sprinkle it on oasts mixture by little little.then mix well.
  • Take a chiratta and make three holes under the chiratta.
  • Then add some grated coconut  first into the chiratta then add the some oats mix then again add the grated coconut little.then close it by any plate.
  • place this chiratta  puttu on a kudam  and leave it until steam passes .
  • Push the chiratta puttu into a serving plate .

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