sambar its unique  in name.its the  food  item one  keralian cant live without.its can serve with every type food items like rice ,breakfast items chapathi ,puttu etc.and also its an easy recipe to make fast.its in  the list of  top favourite vegetable  curries.its the combination of every vegetables.we can add different vegetables depending the taste of the person who make this.


             Ladies finger

             White gourd
 4.Green chilly
 6.Red chilly
 7.Chilly powder
 8.Turmeric powder
11.Curry leaves
12.Sambar powder

Steps of making

  • At first cut the vegetables in required size and shape .
  • Then take bowl and put the tamarind in water for tamarind pulp.
  • Take a cooker and add the  all vegetables and add some salt ,water,turmeric powder,chilly powder,coriander powder and lentil/dal then close the cooker and cook in low flame for one whistle.
  • open the cap of cooker and add some sambar powder , tamarind pulp and cook in low flame .
  • Then hot a pan add some oil and add some mustard ,fenugreek,red chilly and stirr them and put this into the sambar .this process is called 'thoomikkal'.
  • Take a bowl and decorate  with curryleaves and serve.

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