The main ingredient of the dish is Beetroot.it is is the taproot portion of the beet plant.its purple in colour .its either eated boiled or roasted.
              Beetroot halwa is a sweet dish .its look beatiful by this purple colour.and easy to make in minutes at home.mostly children like to have this more than adults.the other ingredients of the dish are  sugar and milk. its easy to make in cooker.there are many other method to make this.but the easiest is to make it in cooker.otherwise it will take too much time.
                                                    The process of making the dish are first cooking the milk and carrot grated in a cooker and after onw whissle we add the sugar and cardamom.then the typical step is to stir the mix very well until the milk contained in this become dry.and continue the process and stop when it become dry.and decorating with the cashew and the raisins we are roasted before .


  1.  Sugar
  2.  Ghee
  3.  Grated carrot
  4.  Cardamom
  5. Cashew nut 
  6. Raisins

steps of making

  • Roast raisins and cashew nut .
  •  At  first  add  grated carrot and milk into the cooker .open cooker after one whistle .
  •  Add sugar into this and stirr well.
  •  Add some ghee into this when its become dry.
  •   Serve into a plate and add decorate it with roasted cashe nut and raisins.

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