Mysore pak is rich sweet dish .its a south indian desert fully prepared in butter .Mysore pak  need lot of patients an attention .Its originated in Mysore thats why its get the name Mysore pak.Mysore pak is a very easy to make recipe even for  a beginner.
                             The steps of making the desert require more attention.Its made by the generous amount of  ghee, sugar , and gram flour .The  perfect consistency  make the desert perfect mysore paks.


  1. Gram flour(Besan )
  2.  Ghee 
  3.  Sugar  
  4.  Water

steps  of  making 

  •   Heat  the sugar in water till it reaches a ball consistency.
  •   At the same time boil ghee .
  •   Add the flour into the sugar syrup and stir well continueosly.
  •   Then spreadout on a greased plate.and wait wait until warm and cut into desired      shape.

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