Coconut chutney is  a mild spicy dish .The main ingredient of the dish is coconut .Its a south indian side dish mainly serve with dosha .its common dish in malabar other way  its a coconut stew with some spices .The ingredients of making this dish varies b regions .but the main ingredient remains the coconut in every place.
                                                    The  method of making the dish is very simple.blending the coconut,water,salt,tomato green chilly and small onions in a blender is the first is the process of adding the mustard and red chillies fried into the makes the curry more tasty .the process in some area called is adding the dish into the chutney gravy and decorate well.


  1. Grated coconut
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Tomato
  5. Red chilly
  6. Oil
  7. Green chilly
  8. Small onions
  9. Mustard
  10. Curry leaves

Steps of making

  • Take a blender and add grated coconut,water,salt,tomato  ,green chilly,small onions and process well.
  • Then hot a pan and put some oil and put mustardand red chilly .stirr well.
  • Put this mustard chilly oil into the processed coconut mixture .and stirr well.
  • Take a bowl and spread out this mixture and decorate with curry leaves.

  • Add  the quantity  of water to make the chutney  needed thicker or diluted.

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