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  1. Cauliflower-1
  2. Salt-1 tsp
  3. Ginger pate-1 tsp
  4. Garlic paste-1 tsp
  5. Garam masala-1 tsp 
  6. Curry leaves
  7. Coriander leaves
  8. Pepper-1 tsp
  9. Red chilly paste-2tsp
  10. Maida-3 tsp
  11. Cornflour-4
  12. Water  -little 
Steps of making
  • Soak the cauliflower  sliced  in hot water for about 1 minute.It will remove the insects and clean it . Then drain the water from it  and keep aside.
  • Next step is the  preparation of batter.Take a bowl and add  salt,ginger,garlic,garam masala,curry leaves,coriander leaves,pepper powder ,red chilly paste,maida,cornflour ,and little water  .Then mix the whole ingredients well.
  • Add this batter to the cauliflower and mix properly. Keep this about 10 minutes.
  • Hot some oil in a pan  and fry the cauliflower little by little .  At the final step add some curry leaves and sliced green chillies .
  • Serve into a bowl and garnish with more green chillies,lemon  and curry leaves.

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