chicken pasta,recipe,white pasta


  1. Macaroni-1 cup
  2. Milk-300ml
  3. Capsicum-1
  4. Salt-1tsp(white sauce &pasta)
  5. Pepper powder-4tsp
  6. All purpose flour-3tsp
  7. Cloves-6
  8. Cinnamon-2


  • The first step is the preparation of  white sauce.For this hot some milk with cloves and cinnamon in a a pan with butter and add 2tsp of all purpose flour and add the cooked milk into this  and add pinch of salt and little pepper powder to taste.
  • Cook the macaronis  in water about 5 minutes  and dry the water then keep aside .
  • Pressure cook  chicken ina cup of water with salt and pepper .dry the waterand keep aside .
  • Next hot a pan and add 2 tsp of butter and add the cubic sliced capsiccum and add the cooked macaroni ,cooked chicken and finally add the white sauce .Add more salt and pepper powder if required for more taste .

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