Its a simple roll to make at home .its tasty really tasty and its called chicken roll or another way we can call it stuffed dosha rolls. its a very tasty evening snacks for chidren .
                   Making of the snack is easy and its contain only two steps .one is to make the maida dosha and next is to make the fillings or stuff and frying chicken .then assembling the filling into the dosha gives the  yummy spicy tasty chicken rolls .  serve with tomato ketchup.


  1. Maida
  2. Water
  3. Green chilly
  4. Onions
  5. Chicken
  6. pepper
  7. Salt
  8. Oil
  9. Egg(for maida and frying)
  10. Chilly powder
  11. Roti powder/ bread crumbs

Steps of making

  • First step is to make   the fillings.for this hot  oil  and  fry small chicken pieces. 
  • The next Step is to make the Masala filling .for this take a pan put some oil and  add the chopped onions ,green chillies and stir them until they become brown in colour.
  • Add salt,chilly powder,pepper and stir well.then add  the chicken fried pieces into the masala and mix them well.Now the filling is ready,
  • Next step is to make the cover or coating for the chicken rolls .for this take a bowl and add some maida ,salt,egg and water then beat well.
  • The next step is to make the  circle   shaped dosha covers using the beated maida a pan and make small doshas .
  • The Final step of the chicken roll is to Assemble  the roll:first take a dosha then put the chicken masala mix we prepared before on it and fold sides and roll them .then dip this in egg and again drop it  in bread crumbs and just check that it is well coated both sides with bread crumbs.

  • Hot a pan and add oil and then fry the rolls .serve into a plate and have with tomato ketchup.

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