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 French fries served hot,crispy or soft. its commonly appear in  fast food menus.its generally salted and served with tomato ketchup.
            Nobody have time in the busy world .so freezing the chopped potatos in refrigerator for hours is not possible .so here is an another simplest way to make the french fries.


  1. potato
  2. water
  3. oil
  4. salt
  5. cornflour

Steps of making

  • Peel and rinse the potato .then slice them in length wise  in same size .it will look like sticks.
  • Take a vessel and boil water .
  • when the water reaches it boil point add the sliced potatos into the hot boiled water .
  • Add some salt into the water.can also add salt after frying if its required.
  • then allow the potato in the hot water  for 3-4 minutes.then take it out into a plate .
  • wait for few minutes to allow the water contained in the potato to become  dry .
  • Then sprinkle some cornflour over  the potato .then mix well.
  • Hot a pan and put some oil and fry them in low flame until it become fried.

Watch video here

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