Homemade chocolate is an easy and   tasty chocolate recipe .Everyone can make it home if they spent few minutes for it.Mostly children and also adults are very fond of this every time .Whether its a special occasion or something just fancy you can make this at home quickly if you have the required ingredients .
                                                        Its a 5 ingredient recipe .Everything is available at supermarkets .The main ingredient of the dish is chocolate powder .There are two types of chocolate powders is used in this .one is drinking chocolate and another one is cocoa powder .the cocoa powder is little bitter because we using drinking chocolate more in this recipe than cocoa powder but both are using in this . drinking chocolate is less bitter than cocoa powder.
                              The recipe is so simple.and its taking only few minutes to make the homemade chocolate balls. icing sugar,cocoa powder,milkmaid,drinking chocolate,milk powder these are 5 ingredients of the homemade chocolate .mixing the all ingredients in a required amount will give a perfect homemade chocolate .The step by step process is below .


  1. Cocoa powder-2 table spoon
  2. Drinking chocolate-5 table spoon
  3. Milk powder-2 table spoon
  4. Icing sugar-5 table spoon
  5. Milkmaid-1/2 cup

Steps of making

  • First take a bowl and add  5 table spoon of icing sugar and drinking chocolate and mix the both well by using a spoon.
  • Then add 2 table spoon cocoa powder and milk powder together into the bowl and  mix again well using a spoon.
  • Then add the  half cup milkmaid into the mix contained bowl slowly .add milkmaid by checking the wetness required to make balls.
  • After adding the all contents beat the mix using a spoon and after mix them by using hands.if required more wetness for the mix add more milkmaid .
  • athen take small pinch of the chocolate mix and make small balls or whatever shape you want to make .or pour the mix into any moulds or trays to make any shape .then serve into a plate .

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