Muttamala is a sweet desert .Its not an easy recipe for beginners .The correct proportion of the ingredients give a perfect muttamala sweet.It requires one glass water for 10 eggs.this proportion makes it becareful with the amount of  ingredients required.
                                         Its mainly prepare during ramadan season .mainly its make In mahi ,thalassery areas .they make this sweet during marriage functions for puyapla salkaram .
                      Muttamala is a sweet .its yellow in colour  ad its looks like noodles .This contains few steps but the making is something special way .It requires only egg yellow .We can make another sweet from the egg white its called mutta surkka .First making the sugar syrup .the next is adding the egg yolk into the sugar syrup through a hole.we can use holed chiratta  or holed glass or leaf for making this .              


  1. Egg -15
  2. Sugar-2 cups
  3. Water-1 1/2 glass

Steps of making

Muttamala(egg garlands)

  • At first hot a pan and take some water and add some sugar  into this then boil the water .
  • Add little egg white into the sugar syrup .and remove this after some time .This make the sugar syrup clean and dirty free  .any dirt  contained  in the  sugar will remove through this process.
  • The next step is the main .Adding the egg yolk  to the  sugar syrup.for this process take a plastic glass and make a hole in its bottom and add the egg yolk .
  • Add the egg yolk into the sugar syrup in a circular way  through the hole and take it out after some time .
  • Drain the excees syrup well and serve this into a plate .

Mutta surkka (egg white )

  • Beat the egg white well  and add the lefted muttamala sugar syrup into this and beat the ingredients well .
  • Add little cardamom powder into this (for good smell) and beat well. then steam cook this egg white in a bowl  and cut them into the required shape and serve along with the muttamala we prepared before.

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