Like the other days todays special recipe  is lemon cheese cake  .Llike in the picture its too tasty to eat .The special type of making give it the different  structure and its a yummy cheese cake with lemon flavoured .Its a simply divine and easy measurements recipe .Its so easy and quick to prepare .
                         The digestive biscuits are the basic ingredient of the cake  and the combination of the cream cheese and the butter biscuit mixture gives at tasty yummy and attractive lemon cheese cake  and the steps are below.


  1. Butter-100gram 
  2. Egg-3
  3. Grated lemon -2 teaspoon
  4. Sugar-1 cup
  5. Lemon juice -2 teaspoon
  6. Digestive biscuits (crushed)-250 gram 
  7. Lemon -1( sliced in round shape)
  8. Cream cheese-500 gram

Steps of making

  • Take  a blender and  add the digestve biscuits and crush them .
  • Take a round shape pan and put a bake paper in it .  
  • Add the crushed biscuits into a bowl .and add  100 grams of melted  butter into the  crushed biscuit.and mix well .and add the mixtue into the round shape pan .
  • The secret of the shape is in this step.after putting the butter bisuit mixture into the round pan arrange the mixture around the side of pan like in the picture(the outer layer ) . use a glass to press them sides .and hold it in refrigerator til the batter for cake is ready.
  • Take a blender and  add 3 eggs and 1/2 cup of sugar and  cream cheese   and  grated lemon  rind and 2 teaspoon of  lemon juice  and beat them until combined  .and pour the mixture into 
  • Take  out the butter biscuit mixture  from the refrigerator  and  add the prepared cream cheese batter into the pan .
  • Preheat oven into 160deg and  and bake for 50 minutes .once its  finish cooking just turn  off the oven and slip a wooden spoon to the oven  door and allow to cool help from cracking the cake .after  this refrigerate this  for  4 hours or until its become cold .
  • Slice some lemon in round shape and just steam them and take some biscuit crushed and butter mixture and garnish like this  in the above  picture.Its ready to serve .

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