Appam is a pancake made with rice flour and coconut milk.Its familiar in  kerala and tamilnadu areas.Its a easy and tasty  food mostly have during morning as  breakfast  and night as side dish.when its cooked its center is  firm to touch but remains soft inside and is sweeter as a result of the coconut milk used in this .
                          The  main ingredients are  rice flour and coconut milk.then the whole thing combine into one single mixture.that is used to create the batter of appam or paalappam.the batter contains riceflour,coconut milk,sugar,semolina,water.then using this batter creating many round shape appam.


  1. Rice flour
  2. Coconut milk
  3. Sugar
  4. Semolina (rava)
  5. Water

Steps of making

  • Roast the rava in a pan .
  • Take a blender and add  rice flour,coconut  milk, sugar,semolina,water  and process well .make it smoother and test to make the correct efficiency .
  • Hot  a pan and put this batter into the pan in a round shape and close it by a cap .
  • After few minutes when steams come out open the pan and take the appam out and serve into a plate.

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