Roti pathiris are small pathiris . Its tastes amazing and its attractive to look .different from other pathiris .We can make this as   breakfast.Tomato curry and mutton roasts are more related to have with this .That will  make a  hot  spicy food.
                 Similar to other pathiris rice flour is the main content and the special ingredient is coconut bites and coconut grated .Mostly its made by muslims like other pathiris .Its a pancake made of rice flour and simple to prepare .follow the recipe .


  1. Rice flour 
  2. Grated coconut
  3. Coconut bites
  4. Small onions chopped 
  5. Cumin

Steps of making

  • First step of roti pathiri is making the pathiri dough .for this hot a pan and add some water and salt .
  • when the water reaches its boiling point add the rice flour to the hot water little by little and also stir well at the same time .dont stop stirring its  will make the dough worst .
  • Then add grated coconut ,coconut bites ,chopped small onions  and cumin into the  dough and mix well.knead it until the dough uniformly smooth and less sticky.
  • Roll out some portion of dough and take a small round shape ring and put the dough and press well and roll over the ring using a roller.and make others too.
  • Hot a pan and put some oil all over the pan and put this  into the pan and cook until its change colour into light brown and flip them in between .
  • Take a plate and serve with naadan  tomato curry or mutton roast .

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