This is not  a main dish.its not have a specific name .We can call it sugar fruit mix.its sweet in taste and its a  side dish . its a very easy and simple  to make recipe .we Prepare this  during ramadan times for Nombu thura.We can replace the cutting of fruits into separate   plates  .because having every fruits in ramadan is not easy.we cant have too much food during ramdan .so this make every fruits come at one place .so its tasty,healthy and yummy and sweet.
                The main ingredient of the food is sugar .it makes the food  tastier one , nothing special in this recipe. For sugar petients we can make this with replacing the sugar with honey ,Simply chopped fruits mix with the sugar syrup .During ramadan we can make this and its a  fast  recipe.
   Special fruits reuired to make this  is Banana,pomegranate and apple.the other fruits trequired to add is depend the peoples who make and the availability of fruits .



Steps of making

  • At first take a bowl and add the chopped fruits (Apple,Dates,Pomegranate,Banana ) .
  • Add required amount of sugar into the fruits .The amount of sugar needed is depend on the person who making this (for sugar patients   add honey by replacing sugar).
  • Add little water into the mix .(this water is helps   the sugar to spread the  whole fruits  mix ).this fruits mix is ready to Serve .

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